About Jelena Zorić

Early Life and
Artistic Journey

Jelena Zoric was born in Serbia and spent her formative years in Basel, Switzerland, where she pursued her studies. From a very young age, Jelena discovered her artistic talent through dance, ultimately embarking on a successful career as a dance teacher. Her remarkable skills also led her to choreograph various significant professional events.

Passion for Art

In addition to her achievements in the world of dance, Jelena Zoric is a gifted artist who has been creating surrealistic works of art for as long as she can remember. These paintings have always been a profound source of inspiration, continually fueling her desire to express her art on canvas.

The "Obsession Club" Era

In 2012, Jelena embarked on an exciting venture when she opened “Obsession Club” in Basel, Switzerland. This establishment quickly became renowned as the most celebrated club in the country, attracting global stars like Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Tyga.

The "Lovely Apple" Brand

In 2018, Jelena decided to close the chapter on “Obsession Club” and redirect her focus towards her lifelong passions – art and fashion. This decision led her to create her own fashion brand, “Lovely Apple.”